The International Academy of Ocularistry was founded in 2015 in order to create a base of academically rigorous scholarly knowledge in the field of ocularistry. The Academy promotes  advancements in evidence based research and technology, as well as improved professionalism in the field. 

To achieve these goals membership in the Academy is limited to Board Certified Ocularists who hold a Bachelor's degree or other equivalent four year University degrees.

The educational program provided by the Academy strives to improve the professionalism of the ocularist by providing access to scholarly discourse in the field.  Courses provided by the Academy address issues of importance to the certified ocularist including but not limited to the conduct of research, the presentation of research, and the application of evidence based research to the individual ocularist's practice of ocularistry.  


2018 Board of Trustees

President:  Doss K. Tannehill, BS, BCO, FIAO

President Elect:  Kevin Schou, BCO, FIAO

Executive Vice President:  Andrew Hetzler, BS, BCO, FIAO

Member of the Board:  Maureen Maloney-Schou, BCO, FIAO

Member of the Board: German Acerbi, Lic en Adm, BCO

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